Codecademy Intro to HTML: A quick review

When I first started looking at changing careers, I took a good hard look at two things:

  1. The skills I had currently
  2. The skills companies were looking for in my area

When I compared the two, I found there was a gap in my tech skills.

Fortunately, I had a computer and access to the internet, and could find ways to learn what I needed without spending a dime.

I focused in on coding. It seems to be a buzzword nowadays showing up in everything from job listings to children’s toys.

I started with Codecademy’s Introduction to HTML.

You can create an account using your email, Google, Facebook, or Github. Once you create your account, you have free access to Intro to HTML, Learn CSS, and Learn JavaScript. There are more courses available through their Pro upgrade.

Overall, I am quite happy with the program, although I have noticed a few issues.



It could be totally free. Projects and extras cost a lot.
It was well-paced. You need a PC to access all of the functions
It was hands-on. There was maybe one paragraph of reading to every action It’s a little dry. The first unit focuses on building a page about brown bears. I like bears and all, but…
It was useful. After the first unit, I am already adding new features to my blog. The desktop app doesn’t allow copy/paste

As someone who learns by doing, I found the structure and pacing of the units very helpful and approachable. I was essentially a novice when I first started, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I absorbed from just a few hours of course time.

There is an old adage that says “you get what you pay for,” but I think codecademy breaks with tradition by providing a free service that can actually add value to my life.

For a narrative version of my adventures in coding, check out my personal blog.

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