Adding Tables in WordPress in 4 Easy Steps

I am a visual learner. The easiest way for me to digest information is when it is well organized visually in tables or info-graphics. So, when I first started my blog, I wanted to find out how to do it myself.

While there is no button to add or insert a table in WordPress as there is in the Microsoft Office or GoogleDocs, it is possible to do with some basic HTML skills.

If that idea completely scares you, check out my blog on Codecademy’s free HTML program

Step 1: Decide where you want your table to go

Once you have finished your text in the WordPress editor, decide where you want your table to go. Try to remember a specific heading or sentence so you can find it in the code.

Wordpress Visual and HTML tabsStep 2: Switch to HTML

Under your title are two tabs: Visual and HTML

Click “HTML”

Look through the tags (anything in ) and find the sentence or phrase that signals where you want your table.

Step 3: Insert the Table Code

HTML tables are coded by row ( tr), and then every column is a separate data item within( td). I have created a 3×2 table below, but if you need more items, you can add more rows or columns as you see fit:

HTML Table

If you need an extra column, add td. Make sure to have the same number of td for each row.

If you need an extra row, add (tr). Make sure to add the same amount of data points (td) between the open and close tr.

Step 4: Switch back to visual and add your data.

This is the easy part. Once you have created your table in the code, you can manipulate it as you like in the Visual editor as you would in Word or GoogleDocs.

Your theme will format the font and styling for you, but you can add text as you see fit. Here’s a finished project as it appears on my site:

Example of formatted table

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